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We dedicate ourselves to this unique and magnificent feline whilst focusing on quality and health. Munchkin kittens are adorable, small cats that have very outgoing personalities. Munchkin kittens have petite bodies with short legs, thus their name. They come in long and short haired varieties with an array of different colors and markings. Munchkin kittens have such a unique body type, that they are always the topic of conversation when company arrives. Munchkin kittens are extremely affectionate and playful, making them a wonderful pet for any family.




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We have an outstanding variety of Munchkin Kittens For Sale available throughout the year. If you are looking to buy Munchkin kitten from us you are not only getting a top-quality kitten from excellent bloodlines that have gotten top of the line care and attention, but you are also getting a fantastic health and genetic guarantee and the peace of mind that we are available to you seven days a week for support and will be here for many years to come.

The Munchkin cat is a relatively new breed of cat discovered in 1983 that is characterised by its short-legged appearance. The breed is the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

Originating in the state of Louisiana, a teacher by the name of Sandra Hochenedel rescued two cats who had been chased under a truck by a dog. Both cats had short legs. Sandra gave away a grey cat, called Blueberry and kept the black one, named Blackberry. Blackberry was pregnant at the time of her rescue and went on to give birth to four kittens, two of whom also had shortened legs. One of the short-legged kittens, Toulouse was given to Kay LeFrance. It is Blackberry and Toulouse who became founders of the Munchkin breed.

Munchkins have a genetic condition known as achondroplastic dwarfism. It was first observed in a population of cats in the 1930s but these cats disappeared during the war. The condition affects the long bones of the legs, with all other bones in the body unaffected. The gene responsible is dominant, it needs only one copy from a parent to be passed on. The gene is lethal in the homozygous form (ie; the offspring receive two of the gene, one from each parent) and affected kittens will be re-absorbed in-utero.</s

Munchkin Kittens Breeders

We are delighted to choose and bring your new kittens to you and help them get accustomed to a new family. We are also glad to advise our customers on all matters. The main aim of our company is to take care of our furry friends by matching them with a perfectly loving home. We pride ourselves in finding the best cats for our clients in the most hassle-free way possible. Let us help you find your most desired companion!